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Jotun Paints launches new exterior paint in Egypt


Jotun Paints has launched Jotashield Extreme in Egypt, a superior exterior paint product in response to the growing demand for heat-reflective and eco-friendly concept.

Binder technology

Jotashield Extreme uses a pigment and advanced binder technology that allow consumers to select darker shades of colours and still achieve cooler indoor temperature, with tests showing that structures treated with Jotashield Extreme are 2 to 5 degree centigrade cooler than those applied with normal paint.


?The product has been subjected to strong external tests from third party independent testing authorities and offers twice the heat reflective capabilities of ordinary exterior paint. It provides protection against ultraviolet and near infra-red heat, thus significantly reducing indoor and surface temperatures and consequently driving down energy consumption.

10 years life

Jotashield Extreme lessens the 'Urban Heat Island' (UHI) effect and feature anti-carbonation properties that protect it against chalking, flaking and peeling. The multicolour-tintable paint has low dirt pickup, exceeds GS-11 standards for paint, and can perform effectively for 10 years.?

?The phenomenon known as UHI, in which metropolitan areas are significantly warmer than their surrounding rural areas, is becoming increasingly common in Egypt and other Middle East countries due to the exponential growth of urban areas in the region," said Mohamed Hashem, Decorative Marketing Manager, El- Mohandes Jotun.

"Jotun has gained a reputation for raising benchmarks in environmentally-friendly production techniques and products within the paint manufacturing industry," added Hashem.


Jotun Paints spends more than US$25mn on R&D into developing unique products. The company invested a substantial amount to come up with the innovative properties of ?Jotashield Extreme?. The product has been subjected to strong external tests from third party independent testing authorities.