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Pelion announces partnership with Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls , Pelion partner on AIOT for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings. (Image source: Adobe stock)

Pelion, the connected IoT Device service provider, has announced a partnership with Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings

Pelion and Johnson Controls partnership accelerates innovation in connectivity, security and intelligence at the edge for Johnson Controls OpenBlue technology.

Mike Ellis, chief customer and digital officer for Johnson Controls, said, ?This partnership combines Johnson Controls deep domain expertise in healthy buildings with Pelion?s device and edge management capabilities to usher in an era of truly smart, updateable facilities at cloud scale. OpenBlue?s AI capabilities at the edge will consolidate diverse points of intelligence distributed across various floors, sites or even continents into insights and actions, creating an updateable building that can self-heal and evolve over its lifespan.?

The innovation mirrors the automotive sector, where software, multiple sensors and AI-trained models have transformed the industry by enabling autonomous driving and software updates that blend data to continually improve vehicle capabilities and experience. Applying the concept to the built environment, Johnson Controls leverages Pelion?s flexible device management capabilities to unite diverse device types and application layers to feed AI models that respond to dynamic workloads.

Hima Mukkamala, CEO of Pelion, said, ?Johnson Controls has the strategic foresight to rely on a partner to streamline the complexity of IoT device management security and secure firmware updates over the air. Pelion?s connected device platform will standardise the on boarding process for all systems, including the edge and end point devices that run on them, plus offer world-class public key infrastructure for secure and simple integration with third-parties.?

To provide sustainable, low cost and low power intelligent processing at the edge, the partnership utilises proven energy-efficient processors from Pelion?s parent company, Arm, which are a key part of Johnson Controls distributed hard-ware deployment.