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Schoeck ME expands product range

Schoeck ME FZE is extending its range of reinforcement engineering products for the construction industry in the region.

The first product to be expanded is the punching shear reinforcement Sch?ck Bole for the straightforward and safe carrying of punctual loads in reinforced concrete slabs, and the second product is the shear force dowel SLD, which permits horizontal movements and transfers vertical forces. Both products have been established on the European market for years.

Frame construction is catching on in the region. Flexible floor plans and the possibility of maximum use of space are important criteria for modern building design. Simple formwork without downstand beam or column heads makes this method economical in terms of both costs and time. The supporting structure of these buildings mainly comprises stiffening cores and thin flat slabs which are supported on individual columns.

This punctual support for flat slabs presents a special challenge, because in this case, the whole slab load (dead- plus live-load) is passed into the relatively small area of the column support. This can lead to the flat slab being punched in this spot. The punching shear reinforcement Sch?ck Bole is used to avoid this failure.

This punching shear reinforcement comprises several double headed studs which are connected into one element by welded spacer bars. These elements are placed around the column, thus preventing the punching cone from breaking out. This solution increases the load capacity compared to flat slabs without shear reinforcement up to 90 per cent and compared to conventional stirrups up to 25 per cent.

In long buildings expansion joints must be planned in order to avoid high tension resulting from thermal expansion and concrete shrinking. Since the building sections are free to move horizontally near these joints, restraints are avoided. However, to avoid different settling or to make the bearing of slabs possible, the building sections must be connected to one another vertically.

Conventional solutions involve reinforced concrete, corbels double walls or columns. The shear dowel Sch?ck SLD is the less expensive and more straightforward alternative. Here, horizontal movement is permitted and vertical forces are transferred at the same time.

The shear dowel from Sch?ck consists of a sleeve and a dowel part. The two parts are set in concrete in the building sections adjacent to the joint. Then the dowel is inserted into the sleeve, thus transferring the vertical loads. Inside the round sleeve, the dowel can move in the horizontal direction. Both components are made of stainless steel and will thus not corrode. The system has a particularly high load-bearing strength since the loads.