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Bobcat unveils new R-Series mini-excavators

The new range of five compact excavator models ? E26, E27z, E27, E34 and E35z ? offers high digging forces, stability and smooth control. (Image source: Bobcat)

Bobcat has launched the new R-Series mini-excavators? E26, E27z, E27, E34 and E35z ?with capacities between two-four tonne

The new machines, designed by the Bobcat European Innovation Center, ensure enhanced operator comfort and offer high digging forces, stability and smooth control complemented by low weights for easy transportation.

The larger operator space and interior deliver comfort with an improved entry/exit thanks to new ergonomic 3D handles and a wider door. The new cab features larger windows and narrower pillars giving all-around visibility.

Inside the low noise-low vibration cab, the operator has the benefit of new joysticks and new optimised metal travel pedals. The operator benefits from up to five independent auxiliary hydraulic circuits and a selectable auxiliary control (SAC) system for customisable joystick controls.

New models for specific audiences

The new E26 is designed for specific rental industry with a transport weight reduced by 100 kg but increased over-the-side lifting capacity. The E26 is equipped with extra features such as the cylinder-inside-boom (CIB) workgroup and its geometry, increasing protection against bucket collision with the cab.

The new E27z model enhances the performance of Bobcat?s current E26 machine. As a zero house swing (ZHS) machine (even with the optional heavy counterweight), the E27z offers high flexibility of movements when working close to walls, making it suitable for urban operating construction companies.

The new conventional swing E27 model introduces a combination of stability, digging performance and breakout forces, together with a transport weight that is still below the weight limits for appropriate trailers. It is suitable for demanding applications where performance together with transportability have a priority over compactness.

Moving to the E34, this is a new generation 3.4-tonne conventional model offering higher stability, better performance and enhanced controllability. It features a roomy cab with optional air conditioning.

The E35z, a new generation model in 3.5-tonne machine class offers additional benefits of ZHS design. This excavator provides the possible mix of compactness, a large operating range for the workgroup (especially with the optional long arm), stability (two counterweight options available) and a comfortable operator area.

The E34 and E35z are the only machines in their class which will be available with the optional automatic (hydraulic) track tensioning feature, which minimises the need for maintenance and the risk of de-tracking.