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Develon launches 19 excavator models

The new models come with LED cab lights. (Image source: Develon)

Develon has introduced 19 models of its newest generation DX-7M family of tracked excavators

These models will be for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. The new excavators are made for a variety of industries, including mining, quarrying, construction, rental, recycling, waste processing, and utilities. The 'DX-7M' models all provide much enhanced performance compared to the earlier generation machines, ranging in size from the smallest model in the lineup, the 2.8-ton DX27Z-7M mini-excavator, to the biggest, the DX530LC(A)-7M excavators. This is a result of several improvements, such as stronger engines and better, greater flow hydraulic systems. 

New high comfort cabs 

On the DX-7M excavators, the cabs have been fully overhauled to offer optimum comfort and complete control over every part of the machinery. To accommodate any extra demands, a variety of ventilation and air conditioning solutions are provided. 

Other comfort aspects of the new cabs include:

New interior with a dark grey base for a modern look

Upgraded heating and ventilation functions for operator

8-inch touchscreen monitor for intuitive operation

DAB audio (hands free, Bluetooth)

Choice of fabric seat with heating function or leather seat 

Multipurpose cup holder and storage available

Ergonomic footrest (reduced ankle fatigue)

LED cab lights

Rear sun visor

Virtual Bleed Off (VBO) system

Depending on the model and the mode chosen, the VBO system uses an electronic pressure-controlled pump inside a closed centre hydraulic system for productivity increases of up to 17% and fuel efficiency benefits of up to 32%. The electronic pressure-controlled pump effectively regulates and optimises engine power, while the closed-center main control valve minimises pressure loss. 

The innovative Smart Power Control (SPC) technology from Develon, which is a feature of most models 20 t and higher, also helps to reduce fuel usage. In order to provide the optimum torque based on workload and speed, the SPC system automatically adjusts engine RPM. This maximises fuel economy. 

Increased reinforcement 

For superior off-road performance, the DX200A-7M and DX220AF-7M versions offer extra strengthening. The DX200A-7M's sturdy frames and constructions are built to withstand the rigours of demanding workplaces, and the hydraulic components and the engine tank have been improved. To maximise uptime on all sorts of harsh terrain, including forestry operations, the DX220AF-7M is completely protected from top to bottom.

Develon fleet management

The installation as standard of the most recent version 3.0 of the Develon Fleet Management system, which offers a telematics management system by gathering data from sensors on the machines, is another significant feature of the next generation Develon excavator range. In fact, with the proven Develon Fleet Management system, the DX27Z-7M mini-excavator is currently the smallest model in the Develon series.

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