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Wirtgen's new cold milling machine

The engine has a maximum rated output of 315 kW. (Image source: Wirtgen)

Wirtgen has launched its latest product. Read on to know all about its newest cold milling machine, the W 150 F(i), which is perfect for high milling performance in tight spaces

With a 1.50 m normal operating width, the agile front loader is equipped with the most recent and ecologically friendly engine technology that complies with EU Stage 5 and US Tier 4 Final exhaust emission regulations. The 9-litre John Deere engine has been carefully modified to satisfy the unique requirements of cold milling operations and has a maximum rated output of 315 kW.

Under all load levels, it impresses with tremendous torque and concurrently low noise emissions. Even when the machine is operating at its peak milling capability and milling to a maximum working depth of 330 mm, its fuel consumption is much lower.

MILL ASSIST chooses the operating strategy with the best balance between milling performance and operational costs while it is in automatic mode. This improves milling efficiency while lowering pick wear, water and diesel fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions. With a wide range of usable milling drum speeds, MILL ASSIST automatically adjusts the engine speed to the operator's needs and makes it possible to realise a variety of applications.

Diesel fuel usage and pick wear can be significantly reduced thanks to the lower speed range. The development of an ideal milling pattern at larger area performance rates is also made possible by the upper speed range.

The control elements on the operator's platform are ergonomically designed, have excellent haptics, and are as simple to use as possible. The machine's operator platform, which can be laterally adjusted, guarantees a clear view along the zero side. An optimal overview of areas that are normally difficult to see from the operator's platform is made possible by a camera/monitor system that has two to six cameras at most.

The multifunctional armrest's 5-inch control screen shows all necessary machine data. The optionally available covered cabin minimises the operator's exposure to site-related problems like noise and dust and offers a relaxing workspace.

The wear-resistant quick-change toolholder system HT22 with the field-proven top portion HT22 PLUS is installed on the cold milling machine W 150 F(i). This lessens toolholder wear by up to 25% when used with the brand-new Generation X2 round-shank picks. Longer pick replacement intervals and the convenience of quick and simple pick changes on the job site benefit customers. The MCS (Multiple Cutting System) quick-change system for milling drums provides quick adjustments to the operating width and ensures exceptional versatility.

More details about this machine can be found here