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NORD's IE5+ motor generation guarantees highest levels of efficiency and reliability

Efficiency at a new level: NORD’s IE5+ motor generation. (Image source: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS)

The NORD IE5+ motor is available as an unventilated smooth surfaced motor, a ventilated motor with cooling fins and an integrated motor in the new, patented NORD DuoDrive

The new IE5+ motor generation was designed by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS with special focus on use in the intralogistics sector as well as the food and beverage industry. The especially compact and energy-efficient synchronous motors feature a high efficiency over a wide torque range and thus also possess optimum energy consumption performance in partial load and partial speed ranges. The enormous energy saving potential becomes especially apparent in direct comparison between a regular IE3 asynchronous motor (0.75 kW, 83 % motor efficiency, right-angle gear units) and a corresponding IE5+ synchronous motor (0.75 kW, 93 % motor efficiency, right-angle gear units). Considering 16 operating hours per day (4000 p.a.) there will be energy savings of app. 400 kWh per year. The corresponds to a CO2 emission factor of 366 g/kWh, app. 0.15 t CO2 per year, per drive. Considering, that there often are more than 2,000 drives installed in one system, this amounts to a CO2 saving potential of app. 300 t CO2 per year. Due to the optimised power density, space savings of up to 40 % can also be achieved with the compact IE5+ motor compared to conventional asynchronous motors. The same installation space can also accommodate a more powerful motor with higher energy efficiency.

Systematic version reduction

The constant torque over a large speed range allows a targeted version reduction. This minimises administrative costs, and enables streamlined production, logistics, storage, and service processes. The investment pays for itself within a short time. Utilising the high overload capacity of the motors and the system’s wide adjustment range, the solution is individually tailored to each customer and specifically designed for the system’s individual load range. Besides version reduction and higher energy efficiency the use of IE5+ technology is also notable for the motor’s small size and their being compact, plug-in capable, and configurable via plug-and-play.

Ventilated and fanless version

IE5+ synchronous motors with a motor efficiency of up to 95% are available in ventilated or smooth surfaced versions up to a power of 4.0 kW with a continuous torque of 1.6 to 18.2 Nm and speeds of 0 to 2,100 min-1. The fanless version’s smooth, hygiene-friendly design is especially easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and wash-down capable and therefore ideally suited for use in hygiene-sensitive environments like the pharmaceutical and food industries. If desired, nsd tupH surface treatment and the protection class IP69K are available.

Modular, scalable motor design

The motor can be directly mounted to all NORD drives and in accordance with NEMA or IEC. NEMA C-face flange mounting as well as IEC B14 and IEC B5 flange mounting are possible. An integrated encoder is part of the standard equipment; a mechanical brake is optionally integrated. The IE5+ synchronous motors can be combined with all gear units and drive electronics from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS in a modular system. This results in a system solution from a single source in which all components are seamlessly matched.


Savings potential for drive with IE5+ technology compared to conventional drive with IE3 motor

• Energy savings per year per drive = 400 kWh

• CO2 savings per drive per year = 0.15 t

• CO2 savings for 2,000 drives per year = 300 t

Drives with IE5+ technology: 0.75 kW, 93 % motor efficiency, right-angle gear units

Conventional drive with IE3 motor. 0.75 kW, 83 % motor efficiency, right-angle gear units