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Galva Coat launches hi-tech galvanising plant

The new galvanising plant is expected to accommodate a structure of 20 tonnes as a single plunger. (Image Source: Galva Coat)

Abu Dhabi-based Galva Coat has launched a new galvanising plant to meet the market requirements of hot dip galvanising (HDG)

Galva Coat has inaugurated the plant that employs a number of new technologies to effectively improve the quality of galvanisation at the industrial unit at Musaffah Industrial Area (MW-4) in Abu Dhabi

HDG is a form of corrosion protection method, which involves coating an iron or steel structure with molten zinc. It is later cooled to form a fairly strong metal coating (zinc carbonate) that protects the metal underneath from corrosion. HDG is an indispensable process to the manufacturing of street lighting poles, beams etc. It is widely used for its reliability and affordability compared to stainless steel.

Galva Coat claims the newly-built plant is the biggest in the Middle East (15.5m x 2.2m x 3.5m). The company?s new plant utilises a new process of preheating and drying system, which effectively eliminates the black spots occasionally found after galvanisation. Processes like cleaning, filtering and re-generating of all chemicals have all been automated for efficiency.

The need for forced cooling has been eliminated by the use of a conveyor that cools the material in a normal atmosphere.