Huawei launches complete line of off-grid power solutions to eliminate combustible energy

image 5003324 34450160Peng Jianhua, president of site power facility, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co, has presented the complete series of off-grid solutions to phase out energy fuel, iPowerCube, at SNEC Shanghai Expo

Serving as a global power source in all scenarios, the solutions provide cost-effective, green and reliable energy suitable for daily life and industrial production in off-grid areas and areas where the grid is unreliable, contributing thus to reduce the energy divide.

Peng said the electricity supply is uneven around the world. Today, around 800 million people live in mountainous areas, islands, deserts and other regions that do not have access to the electricity grid. In these regions, a large number of diesel generator sets (DMS) are used for the production of electricity. There are over 50 million diesel generators in the world.

Their cost is several times higher than that of the electricity network, and they are very polluting. One kg of diesel generates 3.18 kg of carbon emissions. Also, GEDs are expensive, difficult to maintain and noisy, which seriously affects the daily life of residents and limits local economic development. Thanks to various technological advancements, the price of photovoltaic energy and energy storage decreases. Replacing GEDs with solar energy in order to achieve economical and green power supply is becoming a reality.

The comprehensive suite of off-grid power solutions for the disposal of combustible energy iPowerCube provides green and inclusive power supply in all scenarios of people’s livelihoods and industrial production.

Huawei’s comprehensive suite of off-grid power solutions for combustible energy disposal Huawei’s iPowerCube integrates power electronics technologies (such as watts, heat and energy storage) and digital technologies (such as Cloud, AI and Connection) to streamline energy and information flows. They make full use of photovoltaic energy and energy storage to replace GEDs, thus meeting the inclusive power needs of large, medium and small scale energy consumption scenarios. Compared to traditional solutions, iPowerCube solutions are characterised by simpler rebuilding, faster deployment and lower cost,

IPowerCube-P Large Scale Combustible Energy Disposal Off-Grid Solution:

Provides megawatt power supply capacity and applies to industrial production scenarios such as mines, factories and campuses, as well as livelihood scenarios i.e. large villages, islands and seaside resorts. Compared to traditional AC coupling solution, iPowerCube-P solution uses DC coupling architecture, which reduces energy conversion time, improves efficiency, lowers investment and discounted average cost of l energy (LCOE).

In Cameroon, photovoltaic power plants of more than 25 MW and energy storage systems of 60 MWh have already adopted Huawei's off-grid solution, which allows them to supply 350 isolated villages. This benefits approximately 50,000 households and approximately 300,000 residents.

IPowerCube-S Medium Scale Combustible Energy Disposal Off-Grid Solution:

Provides 100 kW power supply capacity and is applicable to livelihood scenarios like small villages and small islands, as well as industrial production scenarios like oil and gas wells, checkpoints and transport stations. Compared to a traditional “split” solution, Huawei’s iPowerCube-S solution adopts pre-integration and does not require rebuilding the distribution network, which shortens the deployment period and lowers the investment.

IPowerCube-M Small Scale Combustible Energy Disposal Off-Grid Solution:

Offers 10kW power supply capacity and is applicable to residential scenarios (such as apartments with or without power supply and rural villas) and industrial and commercial scenarios (such as shops, restaurants and shops). Compared to the traditional solution combining gasoline generator and batteries, Huawei’s iPowerCube-M solution features more flexible deployment, ultra-quiet design, increased reliability and lower long-term operating cost.

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