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JLG introduces new mobile control app

JLG Industries, Inc, an Oshkosh Corporation company and manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telehandlers, has unveiled a mobile control app on its R-Series of scissors at bauma 2019 in Munich

The app aims to allow operators to control equipment remotely, pairing a smartphone with the scissor via a QR code and bluetooth.

Jan-Willem van Wier, senior product marketing manager for JLG EMEA, said, ?The mobile control app helps operators manoeuvre equipment in tight spaces, through doors and during loading and offloading for transport, avoiding potentially hazardous situations.?

Once the app is connected to the scissor lift via blue tooth, it shows a horn symbol to warn job site personnel when the machine is operating in the area, the battery status of the scissor lift and the machine status.

The trackpad area aims to control the movement. By touching and holding the drive/steer controller in the trackpad area, the operator is set to operate the scissors. Haptic feedback (vibration) has been implemented with an aim to indicate the borders of the trackpad area (driving and steering). Once the drive/steer controller is released, the scissor is expected to stop and the machine icon will move back to its home position.

Van Wier continued, ?The benefit of this technology is that operators are able to have a better overview of the job site while moving equipment which helps improve safety and reduce potential damage to the working environment.?

?Unlike a remote frequency control box, there?s no need to remove the control box from the basket. Simply scan the QR code next to the control panel, pair the smartphone with the product and follow the instruction on the screen,? Van Wier added.