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Liebherr?s LR 1400 SX hits the market

The LR 1400 SX in elegant design. (Image source: Liebherr)

The LR 1400 SX crawler crane extends Liebherr-Werk Nenzing Gmbh?s range of crawler cranes to include lifting capacities of up to 400 t

With the compact transport weight of 46 t, the complete crane can be easily transported between jobsites. Platform and railings remain attached to the uppercarriage during transportation and only need to be folded down. The first LR 1400 SX have already left the Liebherr factory.

The self-assembly system enables quick assembly and customers are able to operator the entire crane with remote control, allowing for a better overview and increases safety on site.

The LR 1400 SX has a wide range of applications. For instance, for barge operations, the available barge load charts for any configuration and any possible counterweight combination are crucial. The modular counterweight system is very good. If a smaller counterweight is sufficient, the unit can also be used on a correspondingly smaller barge. ?This makes the use of the LR 1400 SX very flexible,? commented, Andreas Handel, head of mechanical engineering, Hydro Construction.

The four crawler drives make it easier to manoeuvre the LR 1400 SX on jobsites where space is tight. Thanks to the track width adjustment, access on narrow roads is enormously simplified.

Focus on safety

The crane designers paid particular attention to the safety concept. The assistance system ?Gradient Travel Aid? helps to negotiate slopes and inclines. It displays the crane?s centre of gravity and warns the operator before the crane leaves the safe area.

The Ground Pressure Visualization of the LR 1400 SX calculates the current ground pressure of the crane in real time and compares it with the specified safety limits of the relevant position. The ground pressure is displayed in the operator's cab and the operator is permanently aware of whether the machine is situated in, or is approaching, a critical area. The ground pressure of the crane can also be reduced using the ground pressure reduction plates.