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SentinelOne launches cloud data security products

Ely Kahn, vice president of Product Management, Cloud Security and AI/ML, SentinelOne. (Image source: SentinelOne)

Cybersecurity company SentinelOne has introduced its latest line of data security software 

The series consists of two products, with the first being called Threat Detection for Amazon. The second one is called Threat Detection for NetApp. These technologies are intended to assist businesses that use Amazon S3 object storage and NetApp file storage in detecting and preventing malware growth throughout their cloud environments and enterprise networks. The offerings are part of SentinelOne's Singularity Cloud product family and complement the company's existing Cloud Workload Security product line, which allows customers to detect, investigate, and automatically remediate threats on their servers and containers across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. 

Both cloud object storage and network-attached storage devices hold large amounts of crucial company data, which must be safeguarded. However, with millions or billions of files and objects, high latency and performance constraints on storage associated with operational workloads, and malware constantly changing, this is not easy to do. 

SentinelOne's endpoint security solution offers a range of features. For example, scanning is done locally, ensuring the highest level of security. Using advanced machine learning engines, SentinelOne can detect both known and unknown malware, providing comprehensive protection against all types of threats. The solution also offers configurable policy-based coverage and response automation. If any threats are quarantined and encrypted, users can use file fetch to retrieve them securely. Additionally, clients also have control over file quarantine and unquarantine, as well as the ability to set exclusions and create a user block list

“Files can come from any number of sources, including employees, customers, partners and vendors. And modern cyber attacks readily evade traditional solutions designed to secure them,” said Ely Kahn, vice president of Product Management, Cloud Security and AI/ML, SentinelOne. “Our latest solutions take an equally modern approach to ensure cloud storage and workloads remain malware free.”

Deno Morgan, senior director of Information Security at recruitment advertising platform JobTarget, said, “By combining cutting-edge technology, automation and real-time malware scanning with SentinelOne’s AWS S3 scanning, our IT and business teams can spend more time focused on strategic tasks, while also strengthening the security of our systems.”