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Tenable launches AI-led platform to reduce cyber attacks

Tenables Identity Risk Score uses AI to quantify the risk of an asset. (Image source: Tenable)

Exposure management company Tenable has added several new identity-aware features, which provide a unified view of all user identities and entitlement risks

These features have been created using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which can be used on-prem or in the cloud.

Called the Tenable Identity Exposure, the platform allows customers to access the most advanced vulnerability and asset risk prioritisation capabilities to identify and disrupt attack paths through Active Directory (AD). The solution is fully integrated within the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform. 

According to a poll done on behalf of Tenable by Forrester Consulting, 50% of surveyed IT and security professionals worldwide claim they lack an efficient solution to integrate user privilege data into their vulnerability management procedures. This is a concern, since AD is often the single source of truth for the majority of key business applications and services within an organisation. Compromise of AD and abuse of access are common techniques used in ransomware and other attacks. 

Traditional AD security technologies only give point-in-time scans and collect millions of event records, resulting in out-of-date visibility into directory services' security posture. Tenable Identity Exposure can help enterprises to close vulnerabilities in AD security that have existed for decades. It assists clients in reducing their AD's attack surface by offering continuous AD assessment, real-time attack detection, AI-driven exposure and risk prioritisation, and full remedial instructions. 

Users can also manage their AD security posture across hybrid cloud environments at all times and visualise any active threats to their identities. The new features include: 

• Identity Unification and Identity Explorer, which highlights entitlements across on-premises and cloud-based AD deployments. 

• Identity Risk Score, which uses mature AI and machine language models to quantify the risk of an asset by combining the vulnerability, exposure and identity entitlements of an asset.

• Azure Active Directory support, which has extended support for protecting public and hybrid cloud Azure Active Directory deployments. 

“Access misconfiguration and weak identities are at the heart of ransomware attacks and corporate data breaches. Threat actors are only one identity vulnerability away from breaking into SaaS applications and stealing data. By leveraging modern AI techniques, Tenable can now quickly identify and prioritise identity and entitlement-related problems across AD and Azure AD,” said Nico Popp, chief product officer at Tenable.