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BKT widens its range of Solid tires for industrial vehicles

The term MAGLIFT has been derived from ?maximum lifting capacity?. (Image source: BKT)

India-based tire manufacturing company BKT has enhanced its range of Solid tires designed for slow moving vehicles and trailers, which are subjected to high risks of impact and damage

The BKT MAGLIFT Solid tires are ideal for forklift trucks, platform trucks and other industrial vehicles that are used in airports, seaports, factories, scrap yards and logistic centers.

The tires offer long service life, low maintenance, and excellent stability, are cut resistant and aid driving comfort, said BKT.

According to the company, the new range of tires come in 18 different sizes in standard black and lip black option.

The MAGLIFT construction consists of three layers ? tread, cushion and base. The tread is made with a superior wear resistant compound, which ensures improved stability, traction and braking in both dry and wet conditions. It also offers low rolling resistance and a high tire life.

The cushion or the middle layer provides a comfortable ride and also helps the tire from getting over heated. The base layer is made of tough and low resilient compound, which helps in getting a perfect grip with the wheel rim and prevents slippage.

However, BKT noted, ?After prolonged use, the base layer has a tendency to elongate and result in slippage. Therefore, in order to totally eliminate all possibilities of slippage this layer is further reinforced with steel wire beads, which does not allow the tire to grow and maintains its rigidity.?

The off-road tire manufacturing company was established in 1995. Currently, 90 per cent of BKT?s tire production is exported to more than 130 countries across five continents and is available in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, making it the largest exporter of Indian tires.

BKT aims to achieve a global market share of 10 per cent in the off-highway tire range by 2015 and sales revenue of about US$2bn by 2020.