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PEUGEOT plug-in hybrid electric vehicle unveiled in the UAE

PEUGEOT has announced the launch of the brand-new plug-in hybrid variant of 3008 in the UAE

Becoming the newest member of the French brand?s stylish SUV line-up, the new PEUGEOT 3008 PHEV is a contemporary SUV combining the perfect blend of the familiar internal combustion engine (ICE) engineering and low-emission, eco-friendly electric power.

With the new PEUGEOT 3008 PHEV, the French automaker?s line-up has been strengthened even further with the introduction of a low emission vehicle, while also delivering masterful power and efficiency. 3008 continues to demonstrate the harmony between technology, style and driving pleasure.

Rakesh Nair, managing director for European Brands at Stellantis ME, said, ?This is a huge step into the EV industry for PEUGEOT in the region, and will prove to be very successful in the coming years. With the addition of the new 3008 PHEV, we show our customers the commitment we have towards making the planet a safer and cleaner place. With the 3008 PHEV, we have a model that further enriches and highlights our ambition for the region. We are excited to bolster our line-up by putting together ultra-modern styling, maximum comfort, and our signature cutting-edge technology, all in a PHEV for our customers in the GCC.? 

A traditional combustion engine coupled with a pure electric experience

The new 3008 PHEV follows PEUGEOT?s 3008 design language, and with its power and parallel style, it offers a 1.6 litre turbo engine that produces 200 hp from an internal combustion engine along with 100 hp from an electric motor, all coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission producing 300 Nm of torque for those who like a dynamic driving experience.

The battery offers a capacity of 13.2KWh for a 100% electric driving range of up to 45 KM; combined with the ICE powertrain the 3008 PHEV promises fuel economy averaging 60 kilometres/litre. The engines have also undergone stringent and successful hot weather testing prior to its release in the region.

Charging the battery is easy and fast, the full charge of the vehicle is made in three hours from standard public EV charging points (depending on Charger Capacity).

4WD mode provides improved traction on roads or difficult terrain. The result is flawless grip: whether on wet, muddy, sandy or winding roads, the power is evenly distributed over all four wheels of the vehicle.

PEUGEOT 3008 HYBRID4 thus offers power and four-wheel drive with C0? emissions at the best level on the market: 29g of C02 per kilometre according to the WLTP protocol.

Cutting-edge technology: PEUGEOT i-Cockpit

Putting the latest technology at the driver?s finger tips, PEUGEOT?s innovative iCockpit system, includes a compact steering wheel for better handling and grip, a 10-inch HD touch screens, as well as a digital head-up display.

The central touch-screen is perfectly positioned and accompanied by seven ?piano key? toggle switches that operate the main i-Cockpit features: radio, air conditioning, navigation, vehicle settings, telephone and phone mirroring.

Extended experience 

To ensure a connected travel experience, information is integrated into the central screen thanks to screen mirroring compatibility including a MirrorLink connection, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.