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Fast charging forklifts with integrated lithium-ion batteries - HYSTER J3.0XNL & J7.0-8.0XNL

New A276 Integrated 2020Broschure Hyster EMEA 02 1 1J3.0XNL lithium-ion forklift from Hyster. (Image source: Hyster)

The Hyster J3.0XNL lithium-ion forklift is the first counterbalance lift truck designed from the ground up around an integrated lithium-ion battery pack. This industry leading design offers significant ergonomic and productivity benefits such as greater space in the operator compartment and a lower centre of gravity.

Ideal for food, beverage or pharmaceuticals industries, which have rigorous emissions and hygiene controls; this truck delivers zero emissions both in operation and during the charging process.

Opportunity charging and the ability to fully charge in around one hour offers a huge amount of flexibility to a vast range of customer applications, enabling shift managers to constantly adjust their operational needs according to demand, without fear of their trucks running out of energy.

Similarly, the larger new Hyster J7.0?9.0XNL forklift series with fully integrated lithium-ion batteries offer comparable diesel engine performance, and rapid opportunity charging. Achieving 100% charge in just 80 minutes, the new trucks have high voltage lithium-ion batteries and the endurance to support three shift operations in demanding industrial applications.

Hyster Electric lift trucks feature easy to access and comfortable operator compartments with clear unobstructed foot space, an adjustable steering column, rear drive handle with horn, full suspension seat and low whole-body vibration levels.

Affordable new truck series

In 2020 Hyster has also expanded its product range with the introduction of the new ?UT? range of equipment, designed to offer customers a wider choice of options, when selecting the right truck for their budget and their operational needs.

A Hyster spokesperson said, ?When matched with the right application and the right operating volume, businesses will find Hyster UT trucks straight-forward, durable, reliable, and uncomplicated to maintain. This affordably priced range of trucks, which include IC forklifts, three and four-wheel electric forklifts, pallet trucks and stackers, are particularly suitable for lower intensity applications.?