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RouteQ launches operations in Middle East

Vladimir Nesterov, general manager for RouteQ in Middle East. (Image source: RouteQ)

RouteQ, a subsidiary of Yandex and a provider of cloud-based delivery management software solutions, has announced an expansion of its operation to the Middle East

It will plug the critical gaps in the region?s delivery fleet operations, by providing comprehensive route planning and delivery tracking capabilities for today?s competitive retail, e-commerce, delivery providers, and fast-moving consumer goods businesses.

Couriers are facing increased demand in the wake of the pandemic and e-commerce volume is expected to remain high for some time. Some project that the e-commerce market in the UAE will reach $8bn by 2025. RouteQ believes that digital transformation will play a significant role in determining the shape of the region?s logistics market in the coming years.

?The number-one challenge facing B2C or B2B organisations in the region, when it comes to moving goods and services from point A to point B, is the vague or incomplete destination address,? said Vladimir Nesterov, general manager for RouteQ in the Middle East. 

More than 200 parameters let enterprises optimise their routing to meet modern logistics challenges like delivery time windows and customer self-tracking and reduce workloads for call centers at the same time. An advanced module, built specifically for the Middle East, lets customers and delivery managers collaborate to fine-tune target locations where a more precise address is not available. These factors play a vital role in significantly reducing delivery truck mileage. Organisations can use RouteQ technology to reduce the number of vehicles used for delivery routes by 30%, which further reduces the carbon footprint and makes operations more sustainable.

RouteQ recently opened operations in Dubai to expand its presence in the Middle East and help regional businesses address their delivery challenges. Leaning on its strong track record with globally recognised brands, including X5 Group, Unilever, Coca-Cola HBC, Carlsberg Group, and Russian Post, the company has already started piloting projects for customers in the region?s retail, e-commerce, and courier sectors.