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Amco Veba adds 60tm family of cranes to New Generation line

One of the new VR60 tm heavy cranes offered by Amco. (Image Source: Amco)

The new cranes, which are strong, light, compact and have the best lifting capacity currently available in this segment of the market, will further strengthen Amco Veba?s position in truck-mounted cranes

In common with other cranes in the New Generation line, the 60tm family delivers cutting edge innovations which improve operator efficiency and safety, while increasing productivity. 

These include:

?Dynamic Load Diagram which provides advance verification of crane lifting capacity based on truck stability. 

? Magic Touch ? which allows automatic folding and unfolding to transport and working positions. 

? Operator Auto Detection ? which automatically activates the operator?s closest stabiliser, avoiding the need for operator contact.

? Auto Levelling System ? which automatically keeps the truck frame in a horizontal position, enabling best crane performance.

? Front Stabilizer control ? which allows possible load in the front area, avoiding stress and overload of the truck frame.

? Compact Installation Kit ? which guides the hoses through a different route, allowing a more compact installation of the crane on the truck.

The Amco Veba 60tm family of heavy cranes comprises two models and a wide range of accessories and options to fit all the applications and markets demand:

? VR60NG - Standard Lifting Control System

? VR66NG - Proportional Lifting Control System with a lifting capacity 10% greater.

Standard features include: Double Linkage, Negative angle, Up to 8 Extensions, Endless Slewing, Multifunction Radio Remote Control.

The New Generation cranes are produced in a dedicated crane assembly line in Italy, developed according to the best-in-class manufacturing principles in terms of quality and efficiency. All Amco Veba cranes are designed in accordance with EN12999 and are ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certified. 

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