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Low-level order picker aids productivity

WITH TOUGH ECONOMIC climate making productivity more important than ever, fleet managers will definitely want to take advantage of the improved picking rates that can be achieved with the new NO20NE low level order picker from Cat Lift Trucks.

A 40 per cent longer operator platform with wide-access, angled corners makes it quick and simple for operators to get on and off the truck or to walk right through it when picking from both sides of an aisle, while improved acceleration makes travel times between picks shorter than ever.

Together, these features have been shown to result in a 20 per cent increase in picking productivity in real-life customer applications, compared to the older NO20S. Good ergonomics also contributes to productivity and here too, the NO20NE offers excellent credentials. In place of a traditional deadman pedal (which forces operators to hold a certain position to keep the pedal depressed), the whole operator platform on the NO20NE fulfils the same function, allowing drivers to adopt any position they like and shift as they please to find the most comfortable operating position during work.

The spacious platform also features a low-height step and ergonomically molded backrest to keep operators happy and comfortable at all times. An adjustable, automotive-style multi-function steering wheel allows the operator to carry out all the key steering, lift and lower functions with either hand, even when reversing, reducing fatigue levels and making for intuitive, error-free control. A conventional electronic steering wheel is also available, however, as is an optional drive-by-side function that lets operators control the NO20NE while walking alongside it, speeding picking cycles still further where picks are only a short distance apart. Safety is further enhanced by progressive steering and automatic speed control in turns, as well as a system that limits maximum truck speed according to the weight of load being carried ? all included as standard.

The truck also features PIN code access and operator-specific settings for safety-critical parameters like acceleration and top speed. Unusually for a low level order picker, meanwhile, the NO20NE incorporates front LED lights as standard which come on automatically whenever the truck is started up, as well as button-actuated steering indicator lights. Combined with the truck?s new high-visibility styling, these make it almost impossible for other trucks or pedestrians to remain unaware of the NO20NE?s presence or intended direction. The serviceability of the NO20NE, too, is second to none. Power is provided by either a 24V 375Ah or 24V 465Ah battery, positioned behind the operator compartment for easy access. The truck?s AC motor provides excellent performance with service intervals at a massive 600 hours.

The NO20NE has also been designed to provide excellent access to all its components, speeding up servicing when it does take place. Customizing the new NO20NE is also simpler than ever before. A huge range of individual options is complemented by four different options packages, with different packages to suit list picking, radio frequency identification-based picking and voice picking, as well as a battery changing options pack that includes battery changing carriage and secured battery locking. The new NO20NE is just one of a wide range of top quality materials handling solutions offered by Cat Lift Trucks via an extensive worldwide network of dealers. The range includes electric, LPG and diesel powered counterbalanced trucks and an unrivalled range of warehouse handling solutions including pallet trucks, stacker trucks, low and high level order pickers, reach trucks and turret trucks.