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Vorteq sets safety standards in Abu Dhabi

THE FIRST VORTEQ TMA Trailer in the Middle East is now at work on the roads of Abu Dhabi. The Vorteq, from Quixote Middle East, is an innovative attenuator designed to be light weight (

The sleek Vorteq (2.3m wide and under 7m long) implements innovative multi-stage, tube-in-tube energy absorbing technology that inwardly shapes the steel tubing.

This significantly reduces debris scatter thus reducing the potential for secondary accidents. The tube-intube design, along with the collapsible forward X-Brace, improves structural stability. This efficiently robust design, along with fully galvanized steel components, helps ensure years of safe, durable performance. Mr. Abbas Shibeika, Executive Manager of Hektar Group, Quixote Transportation Safety?s Representative in Abu Dhabi, has worked hard to promote safety concerns around road construction work zones in the UAE. He told Technical Review: "We are going through a remarkable period of infrastructure development in and around Abu Dhabi. Work zones are a part of our life, and they need to be safe for everyone.

The Vorteq Trailer is a good start at providing a safer environment." Mr. Adam Dobbin, Traffic Safety Control Officer at ALDAR LAING O'ROURKE, took the bold decision to introduce the Vorteq TMA to his fleet of vehicles which work around road construction sites in the UAE. He said, "Our company is serious about safety for our workers and the public. With all the new road construction and highway improvements going on in Abu Dhabi it is impossible to keep our workers and the general driving public separated throughout the projects.

Our traffic management teams have to attend road traffic incidents from time to time and the Vorteq TMA gives us extra protection when working in and around live traffic on the main highway. We always try to keep the public moving when there is an incident on the highway and the Vorteq TMA help us achieve this. ?The Vorteq TMA, which has passed the international NCHRP 350 TL-3 standards, was the perfect product for us on our construction vehicles. Being a trailer TMA we can swap the system from one vehicle to another in no time as it?s very flexible. Most importantly, however, it saves lives and we are proud to be the first company to use the Vorteq in the Middle East." (The Vorteq TMA, is the only trailer TMA to pass both the international NCHRP 350 TL- 3 Standards as well as the high speed TD49/07 British Standard.) Dobbin also expressed his thanks to Abbas Nourelhadi Shibeika, for helping his firm in its quest to achieve a high standard of safety at the Al Raha Beach Development project.

Andrew Ashcroft, Regional Manager for Quixote Middle East said "Tested TMA's will soon become a required safety feature for all contractors, as the road authorities will introduce international standards to their Work Zone Safety Manuals. For ALDAR LAING O'ROURKE to take the first positive step in improved construction vehicle safety is a positive move for all who use capital's roads."