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Green Nanotek to produce carbon nanotubes from carbon-rich waste

Green Nanotek has announced its intention to build a factory for producing carbon nanotubes; becoming the first company in the Middle East and UAE to produce nanotubes from carbon-rich wastes

Carbon nanotubes are considered advanced material, and are in high demand by industrial companies in the area due to their wide range of uses from simple consumables to sophisticated cutting edge technologies.

The new factory will use an innovative production technology that has been developed in collaboration with UAE University, and is planned to launch with an initial production capacity of 120 tonnes per annum in Phase-1, with following phases expected to multiply the production to 980 tonnes a year.

The capacity will help fulfil national and international demands for the advanced material, which is used in a variety of industries like aerospace, medicine, electronics, automobiles and sports equipment.

Omar Al Tamimi, board member of Green Nanotek, said, "We are actively helping to fulfill the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision to build a knowledge-based economy by empowering and enhancing innovation, scientific discoveries, and their practical implementation; especially through the Takamul programme, the strategic initiative by the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee to support innovation."

Takamul is a national innovation support programme which provides inventors from the UAE - individuals, academic institutions and companies - with legal and financial support for filing patents internationally and with the tools and expertise to commercialise their inventions. Since its launch in 2011, the Takamul programme has supported 66 UAE inventions filed as patents internationally, with an additional 40 currently under review. The inventions covered key domains in science and technology.

Takamul has provided direct support for patent registration of this technology, apart from guiding Green Nanotek on feasability studies. One of the production technologies has been developed in Abu Dhabi, which guarantees mass production and cost efficiency, when compared to similar technologies.

Ahmed Saeed Al Calily, director general of TDC stated that, "The Takamul programme is an integral part of our drive to realise Abu Dhabi's desire to build a knowledge-based economy by providing guidance and support to innovative new ideas in science and technology. Green Nanotek, along with the many other projects and initiatives Takamul is supporting, will further solidify the growing global profile of UAE-developed products and highlight the remarkable achievements of Emirati inventors and innovators."