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CompAir product wins Frost & Sullivan leadership award

CompAirs D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor. (Image source: CompAir)

CompAirs D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor has won the 2013 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership

CompAir received the award at an event held in Frankfurt, Germany, on 19 November 2013. The winning product, which comes with an advanced packaging design, has been designed for use in applications within industries such as the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and electronics markets, in which air purity plays a critical role. The award's judges made their decision based on recent research by Frost & Sullivan on the oil-free screw compressors market.

According to CompAir, the product?s design has allowed it to adopt the same package to be used for every variant of the compressor, whether it is fixed speed, regulated speed, air or water cooled.

"The D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor is equipped with a system that controls the oil dust by generating a vacuum, thereby separating the oil dust from the air and sending the oil back into the oil system," explained Frost & Sullivan research analyst Niranjan Paul. "This system ensures that there is no oil wastage or oil emission into the atmosphere."

According to Frost & Sullivan's research, the demand for CompAir's oil-free compressor range has increased by close to 40 per cent in 2013, thanks primarily to the introduction of the D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor.

Benefits of the D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor, which has been made available in ranges between 75kW and 160kW, include lower maintenance costs, ease of maintenance, fewer parts and greater service accessibility. The product features a WEG IE3 motor and a Delcos XL touch screen controller for the continuous and simultaneous operation monitoring.

"The D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor has been designed by CompAir to offer the highest standards of air purity and non-contamination," Paul stated. "These important product benefits are expected to significantly and rapidly enhance CompAir?s presence in the European screw compressors market."

Frost & Sullivan's annual Best Practices Awards aims to recognise companies that have demonstrated superior performance in areas such as leadership, customer service and strategic product development, while on the product front the awards take note of innovation and product functionality.