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FILA Surface Care launches FILAMARBLE AID

The cleaner can be used for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. (Image source: FILA)

FILA Surface Care Solutions said its branch in the Middle East has launched FILAMARBLE AID for cleaning marble and natural stone surfaces

The company, which makes products to remove grease and rust stains, said that FILAMARBLE AID is acid and stain-resistant. The product won the ?best of innovation 2018? award from the International Surface Event, Stonexpo Marmomac.

The cleaner, made with a water-based formulation, does not alter the stone and leaves the surface-intact. It can ideally be used for bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

?Due to the inherent qualities of marble, numerous projects make use of it for both indoors and outdoors areas, yet so far there has been no effective protection against acidic substances or stains, which has sometimes had disastrous consequences. As surface protection specialists, the FILA R&D team has been working on this protection for a while now and we are very excited that our award-winning treatment is now available in the GCC and South Pacific Asia markets,? said Fabrizio Nicoli, commercial director of the Middle East branch of FILA.

?Kitchen and bathroom worktops are naturally more exposed to acidic substances, which corrode the polished finish, leaving the surface looking dull and deteriorated. FILAMARBLE AID, the acid and stain-resistant protective agent with a polished finish, is the perfect answer to avoid such damage since it can be applied ?in-line? as a factory finish, to give protection before fitting,? Nicoli, added.