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Jeremias Group actively seeks flue and exhaust projects in the Middle East

The group offers a wide range of German-engineered high quality stainless steel flue and chimney systems. (Image source: PaulGalbraith/Flickr)

Following the opening of a subsidiary office in Dubai, Jeremias Group is seeking opportunities to design active flue and exhaust projects in the Middle East

Jeremias Group is a leading flue and chimney manufacturer in Europe that offers cutting-edge technology in high pressure high temperature (HPHT) prefabricated stainless steel exhaust systems in the Middle East. The local service package is being delivered through the subsidiary in Dubai.

The group offers a wide range of German-engineered high quality stainless steel flue and chimney systems for different kinds of applications such as boilers, generators, kitchen extracts, laundry exhausts and ventilation towers. Products meet the necessary global statutory requirements and standards. The CE and UL marks are gradually superseding the National Standards in most European countries and the USA, so whichever country a project is intended for, Jeremias vents, chimneys and exhaust systems will be acceptable. If needed, the company can provide the necessary certifications to meet the local safety standards too.

Jeremias systems also outperform other manufacturers in terms of fire-rating tests, ensuring total system integrity for maximum appliance efficiency and safety.

Prefabricated components from Jeremias are not only quick and easy to work with but also offer benefits of high quality materials used in tried-and-tested designs. Factory-made under strict quality control to BS EN ISO 9001-2000, they provide totally reliable consistent products. The result is a range of comprehensive systems with all the components to make on-site assembly and installation simple and accurate.

Through the Dubai office, this technology is available in the Middle East market along with a unique local service package incorporating site visits and inspections; design and specifications; chimney sizing and calculation; on-site installation; report on existing flue conditions; technical advice and recommendations; complete supply including fixing elements; commissioning and maintenance. 


Jeremias Group opens subsidiary branch in Dubai