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MENZEL to build new plant for electric motors

The new facility will be 24,000 sqm in total area. (Image source: MENZEL)

German company MENZEL, which specialises in manufacturing electric motors, is building a newer, larger plant near Berlin

Located in Hennigsdorf, the new site has a total area of 24,000 sqmThe phased migration from the current headquarters in Berlin will start in the coming months. Industrial motors with high output levels will continue to be manufactured and shipped as usual. Early 2024 is the projected date for the new business headquarters' commissioning.

Thanks to the new motor factory, the electric motor manufacturer will increase its floor space and capacities, optimise the factory layout for an efficient production flow and is planning to create additional jobs. The crane capacities will be increased to 80 tons and the entire shop floor will be accessible via two crane levels, which will bring significant logistical advantages.

The need for bigger, more intricate drive systems with various auxiliary devices like transformers, converters, controllers, and starters has increased recently, according to MENZEL. The new testing facilities are made to meet this need. For instance, to accommodate the greatest frame sizes and loadings, the space for load testing of huge machines and generators has been greatly improved. Inside the load test field, a two-story building will hold the control centre, offices for the test field personnel, and a separate lounge where consumers may watch testing in progress. After completing the soundproofing measures, heavy-duty racks with shelf loads of 6,000 kg were purchased, which will hold some of the substantial MENZEL motor inventory and speed up delivery times.

In addition to designing and producing its own effective line of squirrel-cage and slip ring motors, MENZEL also specialises in custom-made goods, even with odd specifications. The company has been active since 1927 in the space of delivery of large electric motors, and its product range comprises high and low voltage motors, DC motors, transformers, and frequency inverters.