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Joint Yoochang supplies expansion joints to Burj Khalifa

Joint Yoochang supplied Dubais Burj Khalifa with innovative expansion joints.

Joint Yoochang has delivered a safe piping system for Dubais Burj Khalifa ? the worlds tallest building ? using innovative expansion joints technology

Expansion joints have proven to be an important component of a piping system, ensuring the safe delivery and transfer of steam, hot water, gas and oil.

The South Korean company provided a safe piping system that took into consideration the building's sway, seismic properties, differential settlement, building shortening and thermal expansion displacement.

Joint Yoochang Thermal System Co. Ltd. has specialised in providing high-quality expansion joint for more then 30 years. In 2006, the company successfully provided ball and slip joints, integral slip and multi joints to help in the construction of the landmark Dubai building.

With continuous R&D support, Joint Yoochang overcame the barriers of installing an expansion and contraction piping system, developing a high quality of expansion joints. The company's expansion joint product demonstrates absorption in thermal expansion and contraction of a piping system, increasing efficiency in the building's construction.

One of strengths in Joint Yoochang's product is its maintenance tools, which have been designed to be simple to maintain if the leakage should occur within the piping system.

Joint Yoochang has been involved in more than 3,000 projects around the world, including Incheon International Airport, Vietnam's Hanoi Lotte Center and the Lotte World Tower, Davao International Airport in the Philippines and the Hynix-ST Semiconductor Factory in China.

Joint Yoochang, who has been seeking an agent to supply its piping systems in the UAE and Middle East, has carried out 100,000 successful steam cycle tests and also has 25 patents that have certified by government-quality standard.