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Giulio Pedrollo, CEO, Pedrollo Group, talks to Fyna Ashwath about his company?s participation in The Big 5 and its plans for growth in the region

1Giulio Pedrollo CEO Pedrollo GROUP 1Giulio Pedrollo, CEO, Pedrollo Group. (Image source: Pedrollo Group)

What technologies and innovations are the Pedrollo Group showcasing at this year's Big 5?

The Pedrollo Group has been participating at the Big 5, the international trade fair dedicated to the building and water supply sectors, for several years. This year, the Group will present new products that further expand the wide range of electric pumps and accessories in our portfolio, such as the new FUTURE JET selfpriming pumps, the MAGNIFICA swimming pool pump, and the transportable electric generator G­THOR, together with new electronic devices for electric pump control.

As per the Pedrollo philosophy, all our new products are the result of an intense study of materials and technical design, aimed at maximising performance with particular attention to energy savings, the key for a greener future while respecting the environment.

Are there any new strategies that the group is adapting in the region, considering the new work environment emerging due to the impact of the pandemic?

The pandemic caused by COVID­19 has certainly transformed the market and people's perception of basic needs in everyday life. These obviously include the inalienable need (and right) to water as a fundamental asset in the primary and industrial sectors. The Gulf region was also affected, albeit to a different extent than European, South American and Far Eastern countries. Pedrollo has faced new challenges in the best possible way through particular attention to the customer, an impeccable logistic service with delivery times that no competitor has so far been able to guarantee and always maintaining very high quality standards despite the exponential growth of raw material prices.

The new strategy adopted by the Pedrollo group was not to change, but to implement the production and delivery philosophy that made the Pedrollo brand a world leader in its 47­year history.

What growth prospects does the Group foresee for the Gulf region, and challenges, if any?

The establishment of the Dubai branch in 2006, the Pedrollo Gulf FZE, definitely strengthened the presence of the Pedrollo brand in the UAE and the wider Gulf region, through a solid distribution and promotion network for our electric water pumps, which also allowed many local companies to improve agriculture and domestic water supply even when Dubai's economic development was still in its infancy. Our growth prospects will be fundamentally based on the expansion of the sales network in the various emirates, thus covering some areas that have so far been considered ?not strategic?, obviously aiming to affirm and consolidate the quality of Pedrollo products.

With regards to our current and future presence in the Gulf region, Pedrollo has already successfully started a strategic campaign to supply important and prestigious projects, such as the recent Al MUGHIRAH project developed and completed in Abu Dhabi and the MAG project located in the Meydan area, not so far from the Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai. We do consider the importance of enlarging our selling product range, not only for domestic pumps, with the goal of making the Pedrollo brand one of the main players for industrial and residential projects in the UAE.

Further, we are sure that all the new products and technologies that Pedrollo is implementing to make the electric pumps more and more efficient and in step with the times, will open up new interesting opportunities also considering that here, MADE IN ITALY is synonymous with quality, excellence and reliability.