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Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons signs plastic pipes deal

Abu Dhabi-based Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons has signed a partnership agreement with Frankische Rohrwerke, a German manufacturer of corrugated plastic pipes.

The agreement was signed by Abdulla Al Masoud, Chairman of Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons and Otto Kirchner, President and owner of Frankische. In addition to fostering cooperation between the two entities, the agreement is meant to enhance exchange in expertise and technology regarding the corrugated plastic pipes industry.

A relatively new market to Abu Dhabi, Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons will be introducing the technology to the emirate, which is foreseen to have a huge potential for growth. The agreement entails the implementation of the partnership which will be applied over two phases.

The first phase will involve obtaining approvals from government authorities, and will include a focus on sales and marketing activities. The second phase will involve the building and operation of a corrugated plastic pipes factory in Abu Dhabi.

"We have a number of projects in our long-term plan meant to support the economy of Abu Dhabi through value added partnerships within the infrastructure industry by cooperating with entities from Europe and the rest of the world," Humaid Al Masoud, Deputy Chairman of Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons, said.

"Our agreement with Frankische Rohrwerke is an important step in our progress as an Abu Dhabi-based group seeking an entry into the infrastructure industry," Al Masoud added.