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New UPS launched for Middle East markets

The 5E Gen 2 comes with a two-year warranty which can be extended. (Image source: Eaton Middle East)

Intelligent power management company Eaton has launched the latest version of its essential line, called the interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 5E

The UPS protects the most critical applications in both home and business environments. The 5E Gen2 is a small and dependable UPS that now has a broader range of ratings (550 - 2200 VA) and runs even more quietly for a better customer experience. 5E Gen2 is also a worldwide compatibility champion, with rigorous quality standards assuring dependable connectivity even in the most crucial situations.

As a result of valuable customer input, the 5E Gen2 range has been expanded (10 to 22 P/Ns) and includes local outlet models (FR/ DIN-IT/BS) in addition to current IEC variants. It also has higher VA ratings, lower noise, a quiet audible warning, and a more appealing appearance.

The 5E Gen2 is part of a broad product line that protects the power requirements of many IT devices, including computers, workstations, and peripherals; internet routers, network-attached storage devices (NASs), televisions, and game consoles; and power-hungry devices used for applications such as home security, point-of-sale operations, and ticketing machines. The 5E Gen 2 is covered by a two-year warranty that may be extended. 

This UPS is also a green option due to its low power consumption and the role it may play in managing grid fluctuations while preserving battery life for true outages. The Eaton UPS Companion programme allows users to analyse and adjust their power use.

In the case of a power loss, the double-boost line interactive topology (AVR) ensures a broader input voltage window (under and overvoltage: 140-300 V) to preserve battery power. A fanless design up to 1200 VA ensures silent operation, allowing users to continue with their work or leisure activities without interruptions in residential situations.

The UPS is simple to install since it integrates seamlessly into most major operating systems, making it simple to connect to other devices. It is simple to operate once installed, and its small size allows it to fit into any home or workplace environment.

“As the latest addition to Eaton’s UPS line, the 5E Gen2 champions innovation in performance, flexibility, and cybersecurity, not to mention it boasts absolute reliability in the most critical moments.” said Ashraf Yehia, managing director, Eaton Middle East. “Whether the applications are residential or professional, the 5E Gen2 is globally compatible and operates silently for an enhanced customer experience.”