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Tariq Al Ghussein is the chairman and CEO at Taqeef. (Image source: Taqeef)

Air conditioning solutions provider Taqeef has revealed that 65 per cent of respondents consider AC a critical ?life essential? in the UAE and rate it more important than Wi-Fi, smartphones and cars

Ali Al Jassim is the CEO of Etihad ESCO. (Image source: Etihad ESCO)

Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad ESCO) has completed phases 1 and 2 of its retrofit project in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), contributing for reduction of 17,000 tonnes of annual CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to removing 3,600 cars from roads for a year

Using the oil supplement is a quick, simple, and cost effective way to lower air conditioning and refrigeration systems operation and maintenance cost. (Image source: Beacon)

Beacon has launched an anti-oil fouling injection to improve air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency

Tariq Al Ghussein is the CEO of Taqeef. (Image source: Taqeef)

In celebration of World Environment Day on 5 June 2019, Taqeef, the UAE-based air-conditioning solutions company, has focused on sourcing sustainable, eco-friendly cooling technology, while contributing positively to the UAE and supporting local communities

With its more than 25 years of expertise in the field of HVAC, ECC is setting standards in performance certification across over 40 programmes and with more than 400 certified manufacturers. (Image source: ECC)

Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) has adopted the addition of high ambient temperature conditions to its certification programme for variable refrigerant flow systems

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