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MWM expands product range with 60 Hz version of TCG 3020 V20 gas genset

The TCG 3020 V20 gas genset. (Image source: MWM)

MWM has launched the 60 Hz version of the TCG 3020 V20 gas genset, broadening its product range and offering new applications for decentralised power generation in various markets.

In addition to the existing 50 Hz models, the 60 Hz TCG 3020 V20 gas gensets cater to markets in Latin America, South America, and Asia. These gensets, with an output range of 2,000 to 2,300 kWel, achieve up to 44.4% electrical efficiency with natural gas and 43.4% with biogas. The total efficiency reaches up to 87.6% for natural gas and 85% for biogas.

In the Z configuration, suitable for propane and natural gas, the TCG 3020 V20 60 Hz gas engine delivers an output of 1,880 kWel with up to 41.5% electrical efficiency for propane gas and 42.0% for natural gas. The total efficiency can reach up to 87.9%.

Versatile MWM gas gensets

Equipped with steel pistons, these gensets are suitable for a variety of applications and gas types, including natural gas, biogas, APG, propane gas, and hydrogen admixtures. The series also boasts long service intervals, with up to 80,000 operating hours until the next general overhaul, enhancing the overall profitability of the plant.

The TCG 3020 V20, available in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz variants, provides maximum flexibility and adaptability to meet diverse market needs. Featuring the digital plant control system TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management), it consolidates all critical functions, including synchronisation, alternator, network switches, and remote access, into a single system. The MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) system offers real-time monitoring, output optimization, and preventive maintenance for the TCG 3020 gas gensets.