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Doosan Portable Power launches small generator range for Middle East and Africa

The generators are also very efficient, reducing fuel consumption by between seven and 20%, when compared to the previous models or machines from other suppliers on the market. (Image source: Doosan Portable Power)

Doosan Portable Power has introduced a range of small generator models for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market, alongside the LVL portable light tower the company recently launched for the same market

As well as construction, rental and agriculture, the generators extend the Doosan Portable Power portfolio to a wider audience to cover applications such as home standby, telecommunications and back-up power for small businesses.  

Jan Moravec, general manager, Doosan Portable Power for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said, ?The MEA market for generators in the range 10-75 kVA totals about 80,000 units with 45,000 in the Middle East and 35000 in Africa. Doosan Portable Power has significantly grown sales in the region since 2017 and in 2021, the business is now able to provide a full range including Rental specification products, which cover the majority of the market?s needs.? 

As a result, the four small generators ? the G20, G30, G40 and G60 ? are all available as both stationary (XW) and rental (RW) configurations. The G20XW/RW, G30XW/RW, G40XW/RW and G60XW/RW provide prime power outputs of 18/19, 30/29, 41/43 and 58/59 kVA, respectively, and all are available in a dual 50/60 Hz configuration. 

Jan Moravec continued, ?We developed the new RW line of generators, designed specifically for rental applications, working hand in hand with our customers, The RW line shines in situations where high manoeuvrability and fast installation are required while maintaining a low cost of ownership.? 

Some of the benefits of the RW line include a battery isolator switch; electrical sockets; an oil change pump; external fuel tank access and top lifting points.

Most of the changes in the new small generators have happened under the bonnet. All the models have been upgraded with proven Yanmar engines which have been used on a number of other products from Doosan Portable Power for years. This improves uptime with a low requirement of repair. A wide variety of common parts among the product line also helps with parts availability. Doosan Portable Power has also reduced noise levels by two to six dBA compared to the previous models. 

Furthermore, as each unit can run as either a 50 Hz or 60 Hz machine, this provides a very practical solution for environments like ports, where ships from different countries are operating.

The generators are also very efficient, reducing fuel consumption by between seven and 20%, when compared to the previous models or machines from other suppliers on the market. This helps to extend autonomy in the field and reduces downtime. The durability of the units has been demonstrated through extensive and successful testing in Middle East conditions for thousands of hours, with the units being used with different loads, and in temperatures above 40?C. 

In this latest generation of small generatorsDoosan Portable Power has also improved durability while keeping the forklift capability and the lifting points at the base of the frames. Additionally, all the models are supplied with steel door hinges and handles.

LVL Portable Light TowerDoosan 2nd

Doosan Portable Power has launched the LVL 50 Hz portable light tower for markets in MEA. Designed for reliability and durability, the LVL light tower - also available as a 60 Hz model - is ideal for the rental market. The LVL light tower has a compact footprint for increased job site mobility and cost-effective transport.

This latest light source from Doosan Portable Power provides simplicity, practicality and innovation to help customers provide temporary lighting for sites for longer. Applications include lighting for special events, road and bridge construction sites and all general construction applications, as well as providing lighting for emergency and disaster relief, oil and gas drilling and for mining and quarrying locations. 

The four incredibly efficient and powerful 300 W LED lights provide a total output of 1200 W, providing the same area of lighting coverage as the previous generation metal-halide lighting tower. The durability of the LED lights is also a significant improvement providing up to 50 thousand hours of lifetime. This means that the LVL can be kept running for much longer and at a lower overall cost. 

There is also no need to consider cool-down or recharge times as with the previous generation metal-halide lights. The LVL can simply be started up/turned off or moved to a location as wished, saving time and money.

The practicality of the unit goes even further, in terms of the improved manoeuvrability. Whether it is the forklift capability, single-point lifting, or towing eye, the user has the benefit of many options for moving the unit. Repositioning the light is very simple, thanks to the seven-metre (23 ft) telescopic extension and full 360-degree rotation. The mast on the light tower is raised by dual, hand-operated winches and features an automatic safety brake. 

As well as generators and light towers for the construction, rental, quarrying, general industry and many other markets, the Doosan Portable Power range includes comprehensive ranges of state-of-the-art portable compressors aimed at the same markets.