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Iraqi Kurdistan invites bids for power plant

Investors will be asked to build and operate the power plants

Iraqs semi-autonomous Kurdish region has invited investors to build power plants to 4,500 MW in the area which would increase its capacity to 6,000 MW.

Investors will be asked to build and operate the power plants, the Kurdistan Regional Government's Electricity Ministry said in a statement published in Asharq al-Awsat.

The ministry also called for proposals to build a 400 kV electricity network to link to the region's existing 132 kV grid. Proposals are due to be sent by September 15.

Iraq's summer demand can reach 15,000 MW but its generation capacity is only around 7,000 MW, or enough for just eight hours a day for most of the country, former electricity minister Raad Shallal said in March.

The Kurdish zone, which enjoys greater economic stability and security than other parts of Iraq, has been able to meet electricity demand for round 22 hours a day during the peak demand month of August, the Kurdish electricity ministry said.