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CESI rolls out Phase Two of Oman?s smart metering project

The objective of this AMR rollout is to implement a central system in order to obtain customer readings remotely. (Image source: CESI)

CESI, consulting and engineering company, has been awarded the second phase of the automated meter reading (AMR) technology implementation project by Nama Group (NG) Oman

With a goal of enhancing the quality and speed of processing metering data, this AMR rollout will work towards improving billing accuracy, mitigating losses, lessening query related costs and reducing debtor days.

Closely monitored by authority for electricity regulation, the AMR implementation project was made to serve the distribution companies in Oman namely Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC), Mazoon Electricity Company (MZEC), Majan Electricity Company (MJEC), Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECO) and Dhofar Power Company (DPC) to create a higher level of interconnectivity, engagement and sustainability.

?Having worked with CESI on the first phase of this project, we are confident that they have the expertise to continuously support NG with this project,? explained Mansoor Al Hinai, V-P distribution in Nama Group. ?CESI has already developed the blueprint for the AMR implementation for high-value customers in Oman, and we are confident in their abilities to manage this complex project and ensure its successful rollout.?

The project is expected to be completed in two years, during which the AMR system will be implemented according to the highest technical and quality standards; and will allow for the knowledge transfer from suppliers and advisors, enabling NG to operate the AMR solution independently at the conclusion of the AMR project.

?We are honoured to work with the EHC and Oman on such a landmark project. We are fully committed to providing the strategic approach, essential to such a revolutionary project. Through its extensive experience in the GCC, CESI?s long-term objective is to support the development of the electricity sector in Oman. By enabling the AMR solution, we can support the policy for the establishment of a really effective power sector market in the country.? stated Matteo Codazzi, CESI CEO.

The objective of this AMR rollout is to implement a central system in order to obtain customer readings remotely. With such a system, the authority for electricity regulation in the sultanate will be able to provide companies and customers with interface access to their AMR information; enable competition and customers switching between supply companies and provide consumption analysis that will allow better loss management strategies and theft detection.

CESI role is to manage the project activities end-to-end and to ensure the proper coordination and delivery of the several contractors and service providers and manufacturers involved in the implementation.

CESI has been present in Oman since 2012 working on a number of consultancy undertakings, including the development of hybrid diesel/solar PV generation projects; assessing the technical and economic feasibility of a hybrid project in regard to power stations of small and large capacity for RAECO; and, the development of the Standards for installation and implementation PV Solar panels for the Distribution Companies of Oman and inspections of small scale solar installations on rooftops of schools throughout the sultanate for Shell Development Oman.

?CESI is proud of being involved in the AMR rollout project with Oman. Not only CESI has a strong knowledge of Oman?s energy systems from previous participation, but it also has a strong energy sector presence in the GCC, thus a good understanding of the local energy markets, regulations and companies,? according to Floris Hendrikus Schulze, managing director, CESI Middle East FZE.

?Our knowledge in this field is proven by our work on the Smart Metering and Smart Grids Strategy project in Saudi Arabia, where CESI had to develop a system of automated meters for ECRA, and by supporting projects for a total of 40mn metres rollout throughout the world.?