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CP Automation to distribute SineTamer surge protectors in EMEA

Surge protectors protect electronics from power surges in electrical system. (Image source: CP Automation)

Industrial repair specialist CP Automation has partnered with SineTamer to distribute surge and transient protection systems across Europe, the Middle East and Asia

The alliance will help manufacturers to decrease downtime caused by standard surge protection devices by mitigating transient surges caused by variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Transient surges are a change in fundamental frequency that occur thousands of times a day when using a VFD. Standard surge protection devices are voltage triggered only and do not account for these transient surges that can lead to confusion in electrical systems. Examples include false zero crossing, false triggering of diodes and timing issues.

?The SineTamer transient protection system will be a saving grace for many facilities managers,? explained John Mitchell, global business development manager at CP Automation.

?The sine wave has actually remained the same since the late 1800s. However, the sensitivity of the equipment that is connected to the grid is now much more sensitive. Therefore, businesses experiencing inexplicable downtime will benefit from eliminating these low-level switching transient events.?

?It is refreshing to encounter a progressive group of individuals that are truly interested in assisting clients in improving the profitability of their organisations,? added Jeff Edwards, CEO and founder of SineTamer.

?For too many years, investments made in process technology have failed to reach their promised results, through no fault of their own. It?s simply been due to the electrical environments in which they were placed. With Sinetamer and CP Automation, we look forward to protecting and preserving electronic infrastructure throughout EMEA.?

Some businesses have already made this investment.

A plant manager at a packaging company was experiencing multiple electrical failures across seven plant areas related to programmable logic controllers (PLC) and power supplies. After implementing SineTamer, the failures decreased from an average of 55 per cent to zero. The improved production saved over US$3mn in costs for the facility.