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LED lighting technology provider Dialight has launched A0/A1 red controller system, touted to consume lowest DC power in the industry

DialightThe A0/A1 red controller system is ideal for solar/battery power, remote or temporary installations. (Image source: Dialight)

According to the company, this makes the system ideal for operating its vigilant low (L-810) and medium (L-864) intensity red obstruction lights typically for met towers for the wind industry or cellular communication towers where solar and battery or generators are typically used as the power source.

The system is designed for the control and monitoring of vigilant obstruction signals on typical A0 and A1 tower types including radio, communication and meteorological towers, and wind turbines. Drawing just under three watts, it is said to be the most efficient of its kind on the market, enabling the use of smaller batteries and panels for a much lower overall system cost compared to competing systems.

?Our goal with this controller is to minimise waste and expense while ensuring maximum flexibility,? said Michael Sutsko, Dialight?s group chief executive, adding, ?This low-power solution conserves battery life and offers steady-on or configurable flash rates to meet any application.?

Backed by Dialight?s signature five-year full-performance warranty, the new controller and monitoring system lets operators set flash rates at 20, 30 or 40 seconds per minute to meet FAA requirements and for avian protection, as well as a steady-on mode.