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Megger is now offering a handheld, three-phase power quality analyser that makes power quality analysis easier and more efficient

megger webData gathered during testing can be recorded with the MPQ1000 record verification by push of a button. (Image source: Megger)

The MPQ1000 is Class A and is rated CATIV at 600V. It can be used for a wide variety of applications including substation monitoring, equipment and breaker tripping, load studies and load balancing as well as for switchgear and component failure.

This highly intuitive unit delivers unmatched capability in a smart ergonomic platform. In both the scope and DVM modes, the MPQ1000 can record power, energy, RMS, sags, swells, transients down to one microsecond, harmonics, inter-harmonics, harmonic direction, THD, TDD, flicker, unbalance, rapid voltage change (RVC), mains signalling, phase angle deviation, as well as performs waveform analysis to the 128th harmonic in real-time.

Data gathered during testing can be recorded with the MPQ1000 record verification by push of a button. This feature automatically detects the current clamps, recognises its range, identifies the nominal voltage and sets the triggers, as well as verifies that the unit is connected properly to what it is testing.

The MPQ1000 features on board data analysis. An SD card helps expand memory and all data recorded can be viewed on the unit?s colour VGA display, or can be transferred to Megger?s power quality analysis software via USB cable, USB stick, Ethernet or directly from the SD card.

The free PC software that comes with the analyser provides unparalleled capabilities. It automatically creates custom configurations based on the customer problem and performs custom automatic data analysis. It also allows the user to create its own analysis templates that can be loaded into the analyser.

The MPQ1000 unit also features flexible current clamps that have four selectable ranges from 0 to 6,000A.