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Omicron?s circuit breaker test system CIBANO 500 now offers the new Current Sensor Measurement (CSM) method. This allows the operating times of the circuit breaker to be determined accurately despite the fact that the GIS is grounded on both sides 

CIBANO 500(Image source: Omicron)

During a close or open operation of the circuit breaker, the current sensor measures the current change through the ground connection or the circuit breaker and sends its signals to CIBANO 500 which determines the switch response times. 

Since the new current sensor has a flexible design and can be easily installed on a multitude of different grounding switches, it is ideal for on-site applications in GIS installations.

As part of the test results, a GIS operator receives a condition assessment of the circuit breakers? interrupter units and operating mechanisms and can avoid circuit breaker damage and outage of the GIS.

The new CSM method offers an increased level of safety for the tester, as it can be performed with both sides of the circuit breaker grounded.

CIBANO 500 combines a precise micro-ohmmeter, a multi-channel timing analyzer, and a powerful coil and motor supply in a single device. It can perform all common electrical tests, such as static and dynamic contact resistance tests, timing tests or analysis of coil and motor current, minimum pick-up tests or under voltage tests using the same wiring. All tests can be performed either with power supplied by the station battery or the test device.

The lightweight test system (20 kg / 44.1 lbs) supports all types of circuit breakers: medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers with live- and dead-tank design and in GIS installations.

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