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National Instruments (NI) offers smarter test systems that feature software and hardware tools designed for customisation

NI semiconductor test systemThe NI semiconductor test system provides a production-ready system for RF and mixed-signal characterisation and production test. (Image Source: National Instruments)

Smart devices are creating an inflection point in automated test for the test organisations challenged with ensuring the quality of these devices at increasingly lower costs. To test their smart devices, organisations are transitioning from the status quo of rack-and-stack box instruments and closed-architecture automated test equipment to smarter test systems that deliver the ongoing connectivity and problem-solving capability to meet or exceed that of the device under test.

A report by NI describe that it takes flexible and software-defined I/O modules to sense the right connectivity for synchronisation and data streaming (whether locally or to the cloud) and computational horsepower for signal processing where it can have the most benefit.

NI has introduced a new approach to automated test that empowers smarter test systems, a statement by the company said. It allows test engineers to benefit from more than 600 PXI products ranging from DC to millimeter wave; high-throughput data movement using Gen 3 PCI Express bus interfaces; subnanosecond synchronisation with integrated timing and triggering; the power and productivity of the LabVIEW and TestStand software environments; and an ecosystem of 300,000 users, 10,000 instrument drivers and 1,000 partners. Users also can leverage a library of third-party software available through the LabVIEW Tools Network, NI said.

According to the company, the smarter test systems are built on the ?customer knows best? philosophy and feature software and hardware tools inherently designed for customisation. It offers an evolving ecosystem that is responsible for creating innovative approaches to automated test across every industry.