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National Instruments (NI) has launched a nine-part, on-demand webinar series for engineers, technicians, and scientists to learn the basics of common sensor and signal measurements from NI engineers

Sensor FundamentalsThese introductory webinars are aimed at presenting the fundamentals of a particular measurement application, from theory to practice. (Image Source: National Instruments)

For a processor to understand and analyse any physical parameter it needs to understand it in terms of a measurable analogue or digital signal. Sensors and transducers help us translate a physical quantity into such measurable analogue/digital quantity. This makes sensors the key to any measurement.

The NI webinar series are designed for engineers, technicians, and scientists who need to acquire accurate measurements as part of their test, monitoring, or control systems. Each session provides an overview of how specific sensors work, how to take measurements with those sensors, and how to reduce potential sources of error in your system.

The webinar series addresses nine key focus areas ? introduction to data acquisition, temperature data acquisition and logging, sound and vibration measurements, strain, load, pressure and torque measurements, voltage, current and power measurements, frequency and encoder measurements, wireless sensor networks, transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) and smart sensors, interfacing buses ? RS 232, 485, SPI/I2C, GPIB, etc.

Watch the series here