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DEWA plans to install more than a million smart meters by 2020 across Dubai, and replace existing mechanical and electro-mechanical ones  

smartgrid-ianbritton-flickrThrough smart meters, automatic and detailed readings can be provided so that consumers can manage their bills. (Image source: IanBritton/Flickr)

The organisation is currently working on installing 200,000 smart meters in the first phase, which are expected to be operational by January 2016.

Using the latest SCADA systems, smart meters will speed up the service connection, improve response time, provide instant reconnection of electricity and rationalise consumption of power. They can provide automatic and detailed readings so that consumers can monitor actual consumption for a specific period of time to better understand and manage bills. Smart meters can easily help identify energy efficiency solutions by sending readings through advanced communication media such as fibre optic cables and storing the entire history of all consumption indicators and customer-related operations.

Additionally, smart meters will support renewable sources of energy in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors by comparing supplies from consumption and generation sides, said DEWA officials.

According to DEWA officials, plans to improve power connectivity are to prep the emirate ahead of Expo 2020. Based on the future demand and consumption data collated by the government, Dubai is updating its electricity grid capabilities.

Installing improved smart meters is part of DEWA?s Smart Applications initiative, which support the overall larger ?Smart City? initiative, which includes six key pillars and 100 initiatives on transport, communications, infrastructure, electricity, economic services and urban planning. Under the strategy, 1,000 government services will go ?smart? in the next three years.

DEWA CEO Mohammed Al Tayer said, ?Our objective in the transition to become the smartest city in the world is to provide instant and seamless smart services anytime, anywhere. Dubai has all the elements to reach top positions globally and has become a leading global hub for business, finance, tourism, green economy and sustainability. The smart grid will contribute to the infrastructure by connecting renewable sources of energy and promoting environmental initiatives supported by qualified staff, thus building a sustainable future for Dubai.?