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Doble has announced the launch of the DFA500, the world?s first portable multi-channel acoustic analyser, which includes UHF sensing, for gas insulated substations

DobleThe DFA500 is quick and easy to configure, producing results in seconds. (Image source: Doble)

The DFA500 Dielectric Fault Analyzer is a portable, battery-powered instrument for measuring non-intrusive, in-service acoustic signals and radio frequency interference (RFI) in the UHF (ultra high frequency) band produced by partial discharge and loose components, the company has stated.

The instrument has been designed for in-service surveys to detect faults in grounded SF6 gas-insulated substations (GIS). It is unique for GIS applications as it is equipped with four acoustic channels, one UHF channel and wireless or wired synchronisation with the power frequency.

The DFA500 could be applied to any grounded component associated with the SF6-filled apparatus under test.

During acoustic emission measurement, the DFA500 processes the results and produces a signature which eases the identification of the fault.

The instrument is expected to produce signatures that differentiate between PD, particles, and mechanical defects.

In addition to multiple channel acoustic solution and introducing UHF sensing, the new development offers better sensitivity and accuracy.

The DFA500 is quick and easy to configure, producing results in seconds. It also provides five different modes for analysis, oscilloscope, bar graph mode, phase resolved mode, time of flight mode and location mode.

Simple, user-friendly PC interface would make it easier to upload test results to a computer or download previous data and nameplate configurations. The DFA500 has durability for field use and produced good results with high repeatability.

The DFA500 uses a wireless synchronisation module for timing PD and mechanical activity against the power system frequency.