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Mecc Alte acquires Italian controllers business unit

Mario Carraro and Laura Curioni, signing deal. (Image source: Mecc Alte)

Italian manufacturer Mecc Alte has expanded its global capacity with the acquisition of SICES’ controllers business worldwide

Since March this year, all Sices controller design, manufacturing, and logistics resources now integrate into Mecc Alte’s expanded global SMARTECH offer to genset designers and manufacturers.

Mecc Alte's SMARTECH is an advanced offer that encompasses a range of innovative solutions designed to enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of power generation systems. It includes sophisticated technologies and features tailored for genset designers and manufacturers to optimise their products. SMARTECH solutions often involve advanced control systems, monitoring capabilities, and integrated functionalities aimed at improving overall system operation and management.

SICES is also an Italian company which specialises in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of controllers for various applications, including power generation systems.

This acquisition comes after a period of collaboration between the two companies, with SICES controllers already incorporated into Mecc Alte products since 2021. Mecc Alte views this move as a crucial response to the evolving energy landscape.

Alternators and generators

The company said that the addition of SICES controllers complements Mecc Alte's existing capabilities, including advanced rotating electrical machines, power generation systems, and LV industrial alternators, featuring specialised custom products such as liquid-cooled PMG machines. The range also encompasses MV and HV alternators and various unique multipole solutions optimised for specific applications.

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Mecc Alte's hybrid controller, the HS315 

Mecc Alte’s SMARTECH will continue to be developed and designed in its Italian plants, with additional production capacity expected to commence in the company’s Indian facilities. Leveraging its global supply chain, Mecc Alte will provide support to customers worldwide, incorporating previous SICES distributors where necessary.

Mario Roberto Carraro, president and CEO of Mecc Alte, said, “In the heart of the energy transition and the decentralisation of power, we have embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from a focus on single industrial alternators to embracing genset controls and components that together help create next-generation power solutions. This strategic shift is both a response to industry trends and a proactive commitment to shaping a sustainable future for energy.”

Sustainable technology

“Genset controls are a pivotal solution as power generation becomes decentralised with the rapid expansion of renewable sources of energy. These sophisticated control systems provide not only efficiency in power generation but also the intelligence to adapt to varying energy demands. By integrating advanced technologies such as these and future controllers, and linking them to Mecc Alte’s highly successful range of products, we aim to empower our clients with the ability to optimise power generation and contribute to a more sustainable energy grid,” said the head of Mecc Alte’s SMARTECH division Miles Revell.

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Mecc Alte will be showcasing its solutions at the Middle East Energy

“This acquisition, in line with our company's transition within the wider energy landscape enables us to transfer our knowledge and expertise gained across multiple energy sectors to new and exciting markets,” said Jonathan Stokes, Mecc Alte’s group marketing director.

“Market evolution means traditional singular systems are being replaced by mixed and complex multi-dimensional systems where the integration of digital technology is essential. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the energy transition, we stand proud as pioneers in the journey towards a decentralised, responsible, and more sustainable energy landscape,” he added

Laura Curioni, SICES CEO, said, “We’re delighted that Mecc Alte will be able to continue to develop and expand the controllers technology that we created while we focus on other key aspects of our business. Through our previous partnership, it’s clear that Mecc Alte has a very clear grasp of both the technology and its strategic potential.”

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