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Weidmann's enhanced transformer insulation for renewable applications

Weidmann’s cellulose-based insulation paper technology is engineered to improve transformer performance especially in renewable energy generation. (Image source: Weidmann)

UTEC, a manufacturer of distribution transformers in the Middle East, is tackling the region’s unique challenges with the help of Weidmann’s Engineered Paper, INSULutions® DPE (Diamond Printed Enhanced)

The Middle East presents specific conditions such as highly variable loads, wide temperature variations, and issues related to inverter-connected renewable energy generation systems, which place increased thermal, electrical, and mechanical stresses on transformers.

Cost-effective solution

Weidmann’s INSULutions® DPE provides a cost-effective insulation solution that enhances efficiency, reliability, and performance, while also offering higher thermal capability and lighter and more compact transformers.

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Weidmann uses renewable energy in its latest technological solutions

UTEC identified the need to increase the life expectancy of transformer insulation systems and minimise the effects of elevated hotspot temperatures from inverter-generated harmonics. By incorporating INSULutions® DPE into their designs, UTEC ensures industry-proven reliability and enhanced thermal rating, reducing the risk of transformer damage.

Technical benefits of INSULutions® DPE include thermal class of 130°C in mineral oil systems and 140°C in ester liquid systems, longer life and greater resilience to overload operation compared to traditional papers, and the ability to design more compact transformers.

UTEC’s use of INSULutions® DPE has increased the reliability of transformers for various applications, including renewable energy generation, by offering compatibility with different fluids and increased resilience to overvoltage conditions.

INSULutions® DPE is a cellulose-based insulation paper technology engineered to exceed the performance of traditional papers, providing UTEC with a reliable solution for improved transformer performance and lifespan in renewable energy applications.

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