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Flooring solution enables business as usual

AXCL GULF HAS one of the most advanced lubricants blending plants in the UAE, exporting to over 25 countries in four continents.

The company recently faced mass disruption to its production and distribution when the epoxy floor coating, applied just six months earlier to their blending and packing facility, started to break up.

AXCL lubricants are used by many major auto manufacturers such as Daimler-Chrysler and Volvo, and AXCL was at pains to safeguard its reputation for high quality products and reliable deliveries. Mohd Asad Murtuza, owner of AXCL, called in UNIMAG Technical LLC to inspect the floor and make recommendations for its renovation.

One of the main stipulations was that any new floor coating had to be applied whilst the factory remained in operation. UNIMAG?s general manager, Geoff Symons, knew conventional epoxy systems were unsuitable as they contain solvents which could affect AXCL workers during application and pose a heightened fire risk. The time required for each coat to cure before the application of the next would also mean an extended period before the factory could be put back into service.

UNIMAG is an approved Certified Flooring Contractor (CFC) for RapidShield and by using this UV-curable floor coating system; work could be completed quickly without disrupting production. This solution was recommended to AXCL and a short trial convinced the company that RapidShield would solve the problem. Once applied to a prepared, clean floor, RapidShield is cured instantly by a portable unit that emits UV-light, turning the coating into a solid film which creates a strong bond to the substrate, A durable, non-slip, gloss finish with excellent chemical resistance is produced, which thanks to the fast cure can be used again within minutes. RapidShield is non-flammable, low odour, contains no solvents or isocyanates and complies with all the latest VOC and HAP regulations.

It can be applied at almost any temperature and areas up to 400 sqm a day can be coated and cured with a single unit. It can be used on floors exposed to direct sunlight without the loss of gloss and fading associated with epoxies or other conventional floor coating systems. It is also more durable than other coatings, meaning that a floor does not have to be recoated as frequently. RapidShield floor is easy to clean and within hours of completion AXCL staff was able to remove any unwanted dirt and oils from the new floor. RapidShield is a closed system, preventing staining and discolouration.