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Chicago Pneumatic lands first order for Red Rock compressors in Jordan

The Red Rock compressors weigh less than 750kg and can be easily towed by a standard passenger car. (Image source: Chicago Pneumatic)

Chicago Pneumatic has marked the first sale of its Red Rock range of portable air compressors in Jordan after its authorised distributor Sakkab Newport Trading (SNT) received three separate orders in a matter of months

The tough, powerful and easy-to-maintain machines are providing compressed air to maintain critical infrastructures in Jordan, including roads and water pipelines

The first order received by SNT came from the Municipality of Greater Amman, and comprises 15 CPS 3.0 compressors and 15 CP 1290S pneumatic breakers that are being used primarily in road maintenance works. The municipality allowed SNT to enter its tender process after testing a single Red Rock portable compressor for six months. This was to ensure the portable compressor and SNT met the technical, after-sales and customer service requirements that The Municipality of Greater Amman requests from all of its suppliers.

Amjad Fallatah, regional product manager for Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment in the Middle East, commented, ?Our brand is relatively new in the Jordanian market, hence we understood the client wanted to thoroughly test the compressor, and the experience of working with our distributor, before making a final decision.?

During the testing exercise, operators were impressed by how tough the compressor was, despite it weighing less than 750kg. This feedback ultimately persuaded the Municipality of Greater Amman to commit to purchasing a further fourteen models, as Murad Halabi spokesperson at SNT explains, ?They were amazed at how light the machine was, and had never worked with a compressor that can be towed behind a small van or passenger car; yet is still powerful enough to support two breakers.?

The Red Rock range is designed with a polyethylene canopy that both protects vital internal working parts from extreme conditions and makes it remarkably lightweight. The compressors are also very easy to maintain, with a simple to follow process ensuring that maintenance takes a matter of minutes, not hours. No special tools are required, and the compressors only need a service every 500 hours or once per year.

?When working on road maintenance projects time is very valuable. The fact the Red Rock compressor requires little service and consequently reduces downtime, heavily influenced the final purchase decision. Additionally, thanks to the technical support we received from Chicago Pneumatic, we?ve been able to train operators to undertake routine service tasks, such as changing oils and filters, very quickly,? added Shadi Al-Shoubaki, spokesperson from the Municipality of Greater Amman.

The performance characteristics and easy maintenance of the Red Rock range were also key reasons behind the Jordan Army?s decision to purchase six CPS 3.0 compressors, which it required to help clean equipment and repair infrastructures. In addition, SNT recently landed an order from the Al Yarmouk Water Company to supply four CPS 4.5 compressors that are being used to maintain water pipelines and associated infrastructures in Jordan. For this application, the spillage free frame of the Red Rock compressor was judged important as it enables the Al Yarmouk Water Company to comply with local environmental requirements.

The Red Rock range from Chicago Pneumatic comprises 10 models that are available in working pressures between 7-12 bar, and flow ranges between 2-5 cu/m/min.