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Doosan Bobcat delivers first mini-excavators in Oman

With enhanced stability and lifting capacity, combined with best-in-class proportional auxiliary flow, the E20 model offers the highest versatility in operating a wide range of attachments. (Image source: Doosan Bobcat)

Doosan Bobcat has delivered 20 new Bobcat E20 compact excavators supplied by International Heavy Equipment LLC (IHE) to Oman National Engineering & Investment Co. (SAOG), touted to be first mini-excavators sold in the Sultanate

Gaby Rhayem, regional director Middle East and Africa for Bobcat, said, ?We are delighted with this order, which is the result of pioneering work by Bobcat and IHE to introduce the mini-excavator concept in Oman. This tender was won by a joint effort between IHE and Bobcat.?

SAOG was formed in 1978 to manage the rural electricity system for the Ministry of Electricity & Water Established.

Operating from the Gala area of Muscat, IHE is Trucks, Buses and Equipment company of The Zubair Corporation. The company has been the authorised distributor for the Bobcat range of equipment in Oman for well over 25 years.

The Bobcat E20 2 tonne model is a zero housing swing (ZHS) excavator, which means that it offers enhanced zero tail swing (ZTS) functionality by further protecting the front upper structure corners turning within the swing circle. The ZHS configuration in the E20 excavator provides 320? of free rotation when working close to structures, without sacrificing on operator comfort or performance.

According to Bobcat, SAOG chose the excavator because it is a state-of-the-art machine that provides a perfect balance uniting all the benefits of the ZHS design with the high performance and stability expected of a market-leading two tonne conventional tail swing excavator.

The E20 compact excavator provides a combination of class-leading breakout forces, working range, smoothness of workgroup functions, hydraulic output and fast cycle times, centred around a roomy and comfortable operator environment, durability and excellent service access.

Optimum operator comfort and safety

The E20 excavator has been built around the operator, providing optimal ergonomics for operators of all sizes. There is ample space for the feet with a flat floor for easy cleaning with floor panels that can be easily removed for service purposes, ergonomic pedals and easy access to all controls, storage box and cup holders. In addition, when not in use, the foot pedals can be folded back to further increase room for the operator?s feet.

The unique hydraulic system on the E20 model makes the best possible use of the engine power on the excavator.  Fast cycle times, combined with smooth control of the class-leading breakout forces provide maximum productivity. Boom and arm cylinder cushioning, another unique feature in this class of excavator also increases overall smoothness.

With enhanced stability and lifting capacity, combined with best-in-class proportional auxiliary flow, the E20 model offers the highest versatility in operating a wide range of attachments. Stability is essential for making maximum use of the digging forces and lifting capacities. Though it is a true ZHS machine, the stability of the E20 model is comparable to that of best-in-class conventional machines on the market. 

Expandable undercarriage

When fully retracted, the undercarriage allows the excavator to go through narrow spaces; and, when fully expanded, it provides optimum stability for the excavator, especially when working over the side.  Expansion and retraction are simple and easy via a switch on the control panel.

The use of highly durable materials ensures that the Bobcat E20 model offers hard-wearing and robust performance. All components and design features are tested under extreme conditions and the heavy steel gauge tailgate ensures extra durability and peace of mind while working.

The tailgate and side cover can be quickly opened to provide immediate access to conveniently located components such as easily cleaned side-by-side coolers and other daily maintenance and service points, reducing downtime to a minimum. 

IHE has Bobcat trained engineers and technicians to support the complete range of Bobcat products and maintains a huge inventory of Bobcat parts. In addition, IHE?s parts and service operation is open 24X7 to offer extended support to Bobcat customers in the Sultanate.