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RMD Kwikform has introduced specialist composite bridge falsework product Paraslim into the Omani construction market for the widening of the Athabia Flyover in Muscat.

RMD_Kwikform_1RMD Kwikform has introduced composite bridge falsework product Paraslim for widening of the Athabia Flyover in Muscat.

Sustained social and economic development in Oman has led to the need for the redevelopment and extension of national infrastructure throughout the state.

Athabia flyover

Faced with the task of widening the Athabia Flyover on the Sultan Qaboos Road, a major road in Oman's capital city Muscat, building contractors Larsen & Toubro Oman LLC approached RMD Kwikform for a solution that could meet the tight programme times and safety concerns of the project.

Paraslim system

RMD Kwikform was able to supply a bespoke Paraslim system with the ability to overcome the technical constraint of shoring the Athabia Flyover without relying on a grounded support system that would obstruct the flow of traffic travelling underneath it while the project is underway.

Due to the lack of a grounded support structure RMD Kwikform Engineers were faced with the challenge posed by the problem of up-lift of the cantilever deck caused by wind passing underneath the bridge, a difficulty usually eliminated by a ground-up shoring solution acting as an anchor to the bridge deck.

In order to deliver an engineering solution to the difficulties cited above, RMD Kwikform's engineers designed and manufactured an innovative new Paraslim component as a specific solution to the problem of up-lift, the Paraslim Tie Guide Channel.

The challenge

Commenting on the reasons for bringing Paraslim to the Middle East and its use on the Athabia Flyover project, Steve Phillips, Resident Director - Oman said: "Paraslim is ideal for this kind of bridge work where the existing flyover is widened to accommodate an additional lane to ease the traffic flow."

"There is live traffic over and under the bridge and it is practically impossible to close the traffic below to put up scaffolding. Paraslim maintains simplicity in its application while overcoming complex engineering obstacles, efficiently keeping projects on time and more importantly on budget."

RMD Kwikform Sales Engineer Bellphine Campbell commented: "For this project RMD Kwikform specially designed a brand new component to tackle the unavoidable problem of up-lift of the paraslim decking."

"The Paraslim Tie Guide Channel is fixed with the Paraslim Bracket cast to prevent the uplift of the platform due to wind. We sold a solution rather than a product as using Paraslim has reduced the cost for the contractor in terms of labour, equipment, traffic diversion & time."

A success

The modified Paraslim falsework has been a success for the project allowing Larsen & Toubro Oman LLC to pursue the project as planned casting the cantilever slab without the need for shoring from the ground, overcoming a major obstacle in the project through an innovative engineering solution.

Mr. James D'Souza ? Construction Manager of Larsen & Toubro Oman commented: "The use of Paraslim has been so successful that despite its size the Athabia Flyover development has become a showcase project in Muscat and has generated a lot of interest through Oman and the construction industry.