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Velsycon?s vehicles provide transportation solution

The ZTA is a device for silos, ranging from 12 cu/m to 22 cu/m loading volume for the two-pocket silo system. (Image source: velsycon)

Germany?s Velsycon, a manufacturer of interchangeable silo systems and special vehicles, has launched a wide range of solutions for different transportation tasks

According to customer specifications, Velsycon?s solutions are mounted on truck chassis, semi-trailers or tandem-trailers.

The company has high export quota with customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and overseas.

The market segments include building materials and transport industries, especially bulk transport logistics with exchangeable silos and filter silos. The modular construction system for the structures pays off. With the combination of reliable components and fitting adaptations, Velsycon occupies market niches.

Besides, Velsycon?s product range includes corresponding interchangeable silos and containers including customised solutions as per the customer requirements.

In addition to the Velsycon products, the two-pocket silo placing units are gaining popularity among the demountable units for material logistics. The two-pocket silo placing units are available as a mounted version for motor vehicles, tandem trailers and as a semi-trailer version. The system provides considerable advantages in load capacity.

According to Velsycon, transport companies are especially interested in the semi-trailer versions of the transport system, as they offer an additional option for transportation orders.

The company?s transport systems are available as rental vehicles as well.