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Tasneef prioritises Emiratisation to enhance UAE maritime

Tasneef aims to integrate within the framework of maritime on local and international levels. (Image source: Tasneef)

Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF) has prioritised emiratisation to enhance the UAE maritime

?Improving our clients? safety, as well as their environmental and business performance, has always been at the forefront of our agenda,? stated Saeed AlMaskari, CEO of Tasneef. 

He continued, ?This, along with the assimilation of ambitious UAE Nationals within our infrastructure, is what the strength of Tasneef is built on. Those driven individuals exemplify the appeal of working within our classification society and serve as benchmarks for up-and-coming youth who aspire to integrate themselves within the framework of maritime on local and international levels.?

Renowned maritime stature

In 2012, Tasneef became the first national classification society in the UAE, as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and Arab world. Tasneef has since pursued an active role in enhancing maritime and been successful in their endeavours as they are now the preeminent classification society in the UAE. Tying their service offering to prominent companies in the region has significantly contributed to this success.

Waleed AlTamimi, general manager of Tasneef maritime, explained, ?Strong business intelligence is what has allowed the UAE to prosper and become a leading maritime hub worldwide; embracing technology and improving the local shipping industry?s ecological footprint is what will allow this to sustainably continue.?

?The UAE?s wise leadership has repeatedly made this clear and Tasneef was fortunate to hit the ground running at a time when digitalisation was in its early stages. Understanding the importance of adapting to the times is what has allowed us to gradually expand our role in the industry and strategically develop the industry externally, as well as internally.?

Developing emirati calibre

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Abu Dhabi Ports are a good example of governmental companies who are paying attention to training the local maritime workforce.

Tasneef is also administering its best efforts to join these powerhouses, in the hopes of raising awareness about the importance of developing the UAE?s talent. With these companies contributing to the majority of ships working in UAE waters, many private maritime companies must administer greater efforts to integrate UAE Nationals into their organisation.

Upon successful completion, Al Saadi will become the first-ever UAE woman to qualify in such a unique field. Similarly, Ahmed AlWahedi, engineer in training at Tasneef, is undergoing the same training and will become the fifth UAE national to qualify as a Surveyor for the classification society.

Adamant on encouraging private companies to be more involved in emiratisation, Tasneef has garnered the help of Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) and Al Fattan to train UAE engineers on practical matters. This has allowed them to set the industry standard and employ 25 per cent of their surveyors as UAE Nationals ? a figure that easily places this feat at the forefront of classification societies in the UAE.